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DeWall Timber Bi-Fold Door System

Build your own high quality timber or wooden bi-folding door from scratch without the hassle of designing it yourself with Debar.

DeWall Timber/Wood Bi-Fold Door Systems offer a customizable service that allows window and door manufacturers to build the products of their dreams the easy way – offering benefits for themselves and their clientele.

What’s in it for manufacturers?

Strong, secure and stylish – DeWall Timber/Wood Bi-Fold Door Systems are an obvious hit and manufacturers benefit from high-quality products that last for years and years.

They’re made with thermal intelligence; a system which replaces traditional resin thermal breaks with superior polyamide thermal breaks up to 30mm wide and achieves super low R and U values.

Built-in dry glazed systems help with drainage and the complete door systems are ready for testing and evaluation straightaway.

All of our high quality, heavy duty hardware products are compatible with DeWall Timber/Wood Bi-Fold Door Systems and if you need a customized item then there’ll be no extra cost for it.

This means minimal stocking of hardware products and as we offer adjustable end jambs designed for each unique door system you always get a perfect fit with final or remedial adjustments available to make sure.

Cheaper and quicker than designing it yourself, the DeWall system offers serious savings in time and cost with a complete portfolio of manuals and detailed CAD drawings.

This means minimal cost to the manufacturer and their resources and a door system that can enter construction almost immediately.

And for the customers?

The style benefits naturally appeal to homeowners and all our door systems come with a slim profile design which is both practical and attractive.

This is achieved by making the sash and vent depths equal and also allows maximum glass vision and great thermal performance to be achieved.

This helps homes open up to their yard space, something prioritized by homeowners and real estate alike, and has become more desirable and affordable thanks to DeWall Timber/Wood Bi-Fold Door Systems.

All this is achieved without compromising on the finer details too. Our systems come with elegant colour-matched handles, hinges and door holders and the secure lock is cleverly hidden away to provide peace of mind without detracting from the aesthetics. Perfect.

To download the T1 Timber System Manual and Technical Performance certificates please click here

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