Specialist Hinges & Rollers for Bifold Doors
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Specialist Hinges & Rollers for Bifold Doors

Debar stock a number of hinges and rollers which are suitable for very specific designed bespoke door systems. IE DeWall systems, Visofold , etc.

Each bespoke bi-fold door system has very different setting out points and channels dimensions.

None bespoke systems use rollers and hinges that are designed to fit almost anything and companies then have to adapt the profiles to make it into a functioning bi-fold door.

The hinges and rollers that Debar hold in stock are not suitable for adapting to profiles unless the profile was designed at the same time as the hinges and rollers were designed.

Debar assist many companies with hinges and rollers at the design stage of developing a bi-fold door, please contact our technical or sales department for any further information.