Shootbolt ends & guides
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Shootbolt ends & guides

Debar stock a number of Shoot bolt ends and guides for very specific designed bespoke door systems. IE DeWall systems, Visofold , etc.

However, one exception is the euro groove guide and cone, which Debar hold in stock. This fits the standard euro groove found in many door and window profiles. The design of the cones is such that the steel rods screw to almost the end. This gives strength to the part, enabling it to resist attack and wind loads. Using nylon 6 or similar strong non-abrasive material ensures no marking of the outer frame, whereas using steel caps does damage the locating surfaces.

The design of the rod end and guide is crucial to ensure the rod cannot unwind, the door can seal tight and still be easy for the customer to operate.

Debar offer bespoke design for these products with an option to supply if required, please contact our technical department for any further information.