Robus Steel shoot bolt lock (10mm rod version)

Product code: DBLK-06


Product details:

The Debar Robus and steel lock both benefit from the following features:

  • Doors operable/lockable from inside and/or outside on any configuration of bi-fold door
  • Standard Euro profile cylinder used where locking with a key is required
  • Slim body maintains profile integrity
  • Bolts shoot 23mm
  • Threaded rod connections provide easy adjustment up to 15mm 5/8”
  • Can be used in conjunction with Verso & Vivo handles
  • Corrosion protected

Robus Gearbox

  • Engineered from die cast zinc
  • Handle turns 180 degrees. Option to restrict to 165 degrees. Ideal if the Euro cylinder protrudes beyond the escutcheon or if the gearbox is used near a rebate, reducing the risk of hand/knuckle damage when opening and closing a swing panel
  • Optional 3rd middle point sealing lug. Ideal for creating a seal on door sections when their is no hinge to stabilise the jamb

Robus Steel Lock

  • Steel construction
  • Strong and capable of withstanding excessive force
  • Handle turns 90 degrees
  • Location holes for push fit side spacers. Ideal for open chamber constructed doors, with spacers available
  • Location holes for push fit spacers to create varying back sets as required
  • Face cover cap available, fits with M5 screws to threaded holes in the lock face
  • Structural or purpose made cover caps to suit individual profiles can be made
  • Two versions of lock for M8 or M10 threaded rods