Debar Vivo

Contemporary style bi-fold door handles

Vivo handles have been engineered for in built strength to withstand the force of pulling heavy panels at the same time as operating shootbolts ends.

You can tell by the weight of the Vivo bi-fold door handle, that strength is of utmost priority. Significant engineering expertise went in to defining the length of handle, the hand grip and tilt to ensure that the dual function of pulling in and turning to lock is as easy as it can be.

The Vivo handle, unlike the Verso, extends to cover the back plate completely. When the handle is turned it extends beyond the width of 25mm. Therefore doors with very narrow styles, rebates close to the handle or handles fitted close to the hinge side of the door need to be checked for suitability.

Verso handles can work in conjunction with our Debar Robus lock or alternative gearboxes/locks with 43mm 1.11/16” centre screw fixings.

Available in Matt, Gloss and Chrome finishes.

Please contact our technical team with any queries.

Aesthetically pleasing
Strong & robust
Fit standard gearboxes
Six stock colours

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