Bespoke Bi Fold Door Locks


The Debar Robus gearbox/steel bi fold door lock is designed to be concealed within the profile of the door. When the single handle is turned the shoot bolts extend 23mm at the top and bottom of the door to secure the door to the outer frame.  Where no key/cylinder is required then the Verso & Vivo handles version with no escutcheon would be used.

The Debar Robus lock can allow any configuration of bi-folding door to have access from both inside and out. This is especially useful when configurations with no swing panel/access door are incorporated in the arrangement.

End users are able to have a handle on the exterior of the door in any configurations. For handles on both sides of the door the Robus has threaded screw points for M5 screws. These meet in the centre of the Robus gearbox/lock along with the spindle.

Debar stock a selection of special length screws for a perfect fit. Applying medium strength thread lock fluid will ensure all handles remains secure for the whole of life, preventing loose handles occurring from regular use.

NOTE: Use of the Robus bi fold lock and gearbox with 3rd point on a swing/pass door should not be considered suitable as a medium/heavy duty traditional latch lock.