Magnetic Catches For Bi-Fold Doors

Designed primarily for bi-fold doors, our simple magnetic door catches and holders allow you to hold the swing/pass door to the adjacent panel.  This creates a stable set of bi-fold doors when all panels move and are stacked.

Bi-folding door systems which include a swing/pass door should always be opened in the sequence.  Fitting a bi-fold door magnet and opening in the correct sequence will avoid the doors becoming out of plumb.  Operating the doors differently will cause structural damage to the hinges, rollers, tracks and gaskets/brushes.

If the damage is significant then there is a risk to users from a separating door.  Structural damage will show as poor sealing, doors not closing correctly due to hinge screws working loose and being compromised.  Magnet bi-fold door holders also protect users from risk of finger trapping from a loose door whilst in motion.

Whilst the Protec magnetic door holder has been designed to offer an important technical solution we realise that the presence of any door holder is not ideal for the end users from an aesthetic point of view.   To minimise the visual impact we have designed the smallest size possible whilst maintaining adequate hold and necessary engineering detail.  The range of standard finishes and an option for unfinished for self colour will blend in with the door colour, whilst the positioning at the top of the door is discreet and is not a hazard to users when not engaged.