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DeWall Aluminum Bi-Fold Door System

The DeWall Aluminum bi-fold door system from Debar has been designed specifically to provide window and door manufacturers with the opportunity to build a complete new Bi-Fold door from scratch without the headache of designing it themselves.

Once built, the DeWall door system offers durability, security and elegance at its best for the homeowner, and peace of mind for any manufacturer of the system’s ability to offer longevity.

DeWall system is offered to the manufacturer with a number of key benefits;

With more and more homeowners’ desire to open up the home and garden divide, the DeWall aluminum bi-fold door system is the ideal choice.

The system provides manufacturers with an aesthetically pleasing solution; an integral concealed locking solution, color matched, elegantly designed handles, hinges and door holders.


To download the A1 Aluminum System Manual and Technical Performance certificates please click here

A1 Aluminum Brochure

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